Four Slide Stamping of Mounting

Fourslide Stamping of Beryllium Copper Mounting Brackets

Plymouth Spring Company, Inc. was approached by a client to fill a yearly order of 20,000 to 40,000, fourslide stamped, beryllium copper mounting brackets. We began by fourslide stamping the 1.126″ long, .875″ wide, .622″ high and .029″ thick mounting brackets. This unique process included punching, folding and cutting the beryllium copper with a single machine. We then

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Oil tempered wire form

Oil Tempered Wire Forms

Tempering wire is a process of heat treating the wire to increase the toughness of the metal by decreasing the hardness. Tempering is typically done after hardening by heating the metal then allowing it to cool. The specifics of how the metal is tempered vary depending on the type of metal, tempering method, and desired

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