Metal stamping with a power press is a powerful production method. It’s been a primary production method for many years and is likely to remain so. But for more complex parts, there may be a better option.

Fourslide Metal Forming

Fourslide metal forming is the less well-known cousin of metal stamping. Though very similar in basic function, fourslide metal forming goes above and beyond — it is capable of performing a variety of secondary machining processes all in one smooth action.

Like in progressive die stamping, a strip of metal is fed into a fourslide machine. There, four sliding tool blocks, each with a unique die, stamp the metal in a predetermined order. The dies bend, punch holes, or cut the metal strip as required.

In integrating secondary machining processes into one machine, secondary machining jobs such as cutting, hole punching, and secondary or tertiary bends, can be formed seamlessly in a single step. Fourslide machines can eliminate as many as four separate secondary machining steps from the production of complex parts.

Using fourslide machines to streamline the production of very complex parts, such as certain types of springs, can be a huge boon to business. It can allow you to create such parts in runs as high as 1 million or more pieces, saving you a large amount of time and money in the process.

Plymouth Spring has been using fourslide machines to manufacture complex pieces and assemblies for more than 50 years. Click here to learn more about our fourslide stamping capabilities and whether they’re right for your part from our feature article on

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