Custom Spring Manufacturing

Custom precision spring manufacturing is often only one part in a much larger supply chain. However, finding the right manufacturer to create your custom springs can add value to the application as a whole.


Experience You Can Rely On

Plymouth Spring has been manufacturing custom springs for over half a century. Over that time our focus has been and continues to be, quality products manufactured efficiently.

With the ability to not only manufacture springs but also to offer spring end configuration and surface grinding in-house, we offer a streamlined spring manufacturing process.

Full-Scale Custom Spring Capabilities We are equipped with 36 high-precision CNC coiling machines and have complete tool-making abilities, offering full-service custom spring production. Our extensive setup also means that we can offer the manufacturing capabilities unmatched at this price point. Custom Spring Options We have the capabilities to help you design and manufacture a custom spring solution that meets the specifications of your application. This includes springs such as:
  • Compression
  • Torsion
  • Extension
  • Barrel
  • Battery contact
  • Conductive
We also have experience working with a wide range of materials like steel, stainless steel, nickel 205, and other alloys. Learn More Contact us about your custom springwire form, and fourslide stamping applications, and let our experienced engineers help you find the ideal solution for your application.
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