Custom Stamping Copper Applications

Copper is used in a variety of applications from musical instruments to electrical components to wire forms to springs to bullets and on and on – and it is an ideal material for metalworking, forming, and machining.

Copper is used in such a wide range of applications because it has a couple of interesting properties. Mainly, copper is non-magnetic, durable, and very strong. However, copper also has non-sparking qualities that make it ideal for applications where the presence of flammable substances is a consideration.

As a leading copper stamping manufacturer, we often get contacted for custom projects. In fact, we manufacture millions of fourslide stamped, copper mounting brackets every year for applications like the circuit breaker for machine switches shown in the photo.

These particular custom stamping copper brackets are manufactured with a unique process that includes punching, folding, and cutting the copper with a single machine. The brackets are then heat-treated and nickel-plated for added longevity and durability. You can learn more about other fourslide stamping project here.

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