Fourslide Applications: Circuit Breakers and Fuse Box Components

Some of the most common four slide applications are components used in circuit breakers and fuse boxes. With a wide range in size and construction material, four slide is ideal for manufacturing these components because of their complex shape.

Fuse Clips

Fuse clips are a common four-slide application that can be found in industrial-sized circuit breakers. They are in the backs of the switches in circuit breakers, and they actually ignite the switches to turn on and off.

Most often these are manufactured from copper with a tin plating. Other types of fuse clips are housed in an assembly, surrounded by a wire form (safety wire) that holds the clip.

Electrical Contacts

We also manufacture electrical contacts used in circuit breakers and electrical boxes. Typically, these components are fabricated from electrically conductive materials like copper or beryllium copper but can be made from a wide range of materials.

Typically, these components are designed to be affixed to the fuse box housing with pre-placed openings to allow for rivets or screws. The design can be tailored to individual application specifications to allow for the component to be affixed in whatever manner best suits the application.

We can also manufacture durable, high-quality battery contacts that are used in high-end, performance flashlights with our four-slide stamping technique!

Antenna Clips

Often found in circuit breakers and circuit boards, antenna clips are typically soldered to the board and used to hold antennas securely in place. These components are often manufactured from a combination of copper wire, tin, and tin plating.


Each circuit breaker and fuse box component can be customized for the specification of the individual application. From construction material to size to custom shapes, we can customize the basic components we regularly manufacture to meet your specifications.

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