Guide to Precision Pins

Precision pins can be found in a number of diverse applications across a range of industries.

Precision Pin Applications

Precision pins are most often used in conjunction with components that have been manufactured or assembled separately from the pins. It is vital that the pins used, then, are manufactured precisely and with care.

Precision pins can also be found in industries where exacting standards and tight tolerances are the norm. This is especially true for precision pins used in the aerospace and automotive industries.           

A common application for precision pins is in lock sets as the lock pins. This application, in particular, calls for the pins used to meet very strict standards.

Other applications, some very exacting and others less so, where you can find precision pins include electric applications, mining, plumbing, and power distribution.

Power distribution industries are some of the most common users of precision pins. This type of pin is used for shafts, male connector pins, mechanical applications, and more in the power distribution industries.

Precision Pin Material Selection

Precision pins, because they are most often paired with other components, necessarily need to be manufactured with complementary materials for their application. For this reason, these pins can be manufactured from a wide range of materials. In fact, precision pins can be manufactured from nearly any material as long as it meets certain requirements.

For instance, we can manufacturer pins from any material as long as it meets the following requirements:

  • Diameter: .010-.090
  • Length: .100-1.500
  • Surface Finish: To 8

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