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Custom Stamping Copper Applications

Copper is used in a variety of applications from musical instruments to electrical components to wire forms to springs to bullets and on and on ...
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wire forming

CNC Wire Forming

From contact wires to hinge springs, wire forms are all around us in a huge range of sizes and shapes. What are wire forms? Wire ...
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Design for Manufacturability

At Plymouth Spring we encourage conversations with customer engineers early in the design process. Even though we do not design the finished part itself, we ...
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fourslide stamping

The Quick Guide to Fourslide Stamping

Ideal for handling large production volumes, fourslide stamping is ideal for the types of complex applications found in many industries. How Fourslide Works Fourslide stamping ...
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wire forming

The Many Faces of Wire Forms

Wire forms are a versatile, common construction component. From the batteries inside our electronics to the closure mechanisms of shopping mall doors, wire forms come in ...
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Stainless Steel Spring Manufacturing

Many clients come to us thinking that their custom parts will require complicated processes and long lead times. While this is sometimes the case, our ...
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