The 5 Most Common Wire Form Applications

Wire forms are a versatile part that can be found in a wide array of industries and applications. We’ve helped design and manufacture wire forms for industries as diverse as the aerospace and agricultural industry, but we sifted through the thousands of applications and found the five most common wire form applications!

Battery Contacts

One of the most common applications for wire forms is battery contacts. These consist of a spiral spring with a leg that can later be welding onto a base. Typically, this type of application involves nickel material either as platting or as a base material. These types of applications tend to use wire between 10,000 and 40,000s. These are quick, inexpensive applications to run.

Mousetraps and Safety Pins

Wire forms can also be found in some of the most common household items like safety pins and mouse traps. The front, wire, portion of a mouse trap is an example of a common, simple wire form.  Safety pins are also wire forms.

The standard safety pin shape, however, is not only created with small wire for household use. The same basic shape is often made with larger gauge wire for industrial or agricultural applications. The larger wire form can then be fitted through two holes, just like a smaller safety pin, to link two objects together. Sometimes these larger pins are even used to connect things like tractors to another piece of equipment.

Large Wire Applications

One of the most common larger wire applications is wire handles. These handles can be made, typically, with wire sizes upwards of 200,000s and are designed to slip into a hole at either end with a shaped handle above for carrying.

Another common application is wire springs for door handles. We can produce these for either left or right door openings in both round and square wire.

Light Fixtures

Light fixture wires are also common wire forms. Designed to hold a lighting fixture in a ceiling, these wire forms are simple to make but typically require extra packaging.

Electrical Applications

Wire forms are also commonly used in electrical applications. It is very common for tin-plated copper to be bent into clips that are used to hold equipment and electrical wires in place in electrical applications. This basic design can also be manufactured as an antenna that clips directly onto a chipboard.

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