The Advantages of Music Wire Springs

Originally designed for use in piano strings, music wire has found its way into a number of industries because of its high tensile strength. Manufactured from tempered high-carbon steel called spring steel, music wire is a popular material choice for springs.

Music wire has a variety of surgical uses as well as its use in spring manufacturing. Unlike other types of wire, music wire is not formed from bundles of smaller diameter wire nor does it have a twist.

The high tensile strength of music wire makes it an ideal choice of material for spring applications where  the spring is expected to come under considerable stress. For example, we manufacture a music wire door handle spring for a customer from the security industry. Using music wire with a diameter of  .085″ x .031″ we manufacture the coil and bend tabs of the music wire to take advantage of the wires strength.

The music wire springs for door handles, or lever handle springs, is held to tightest tolerances of ±.005″ and ±5° throughout the manufacturing process, and we produce about 200,000-250,000 of this type of music wire spring a year. You can check out the specifications for this lever handle spring here.

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