The Benefits of Fourslide Stamping

Design engineers know that there’s more than one method for producing high-quality industrial parts and components.

When choosing an ideal process for their client’s needs, design engineers must consider several factors: functionality of the process, part complexity, overall costs, and others. Different processes can offer exclusive benefits, so being open to alternative production means is essential.

Numerous modern manufacturers use processes such as power press stamping, but few have realized how much they can benefit from fourslide stamping. The distinctive fourslide process utilizes multiple moving slides to produce high volumes of precision stamped parts.

Though the viability of power press stamping is unquestionable, fourslide stamping can more advantageous for several reasons.


  • High Functionality – Power presses use a progressive die to blank and stamp parts; since this operation is unidirectional, power presses cannot make the bends needed to produce intricate parts. Fourslide stamping can easily accomplish this task by combining the features of a power press with those of cams and slides. These features enable fourslide machines to create parts with multiple bends (over 90°), threaded holes, twists, and cylindrical forms.
  • Design Flexibility – Processes such as power press stamping have difficulty adjusting to changing customer demands. It takes a considerable amount of monetary resources and time to create an entirely new tooling die; since fourslide machines use sliding blocks instead of dies, design changes can be enacted quickly with little adjustments needed.
  • Cost Efficiency – Fourslide machines produce parts without relying on any other machine, which often eliminates the need for secondary handling (and the related costs). Additionally, fourslide machines use simple and highly inexpensive tooling—usually a fraction of power press tooling costs.

We Can Fulfill your Fourslide Needs

For over five decades, Plymouth Spring Company, Inc. has provided fourslide stamping services to clients in various industries. Our team of specialists utilizes a state-of-the-art CNC milling machine capable of utilizing coining, continuous, and forming methods to produce upwards of 10,000 high-quality pieces per hour.

We stamp parts of varying materials, which include brass, stainless steel, copper, phosphor bronze, martensite, and others. The parts we produce can range in sizes and thickness depending on your application needs, and each part can meet tolerances of ± .003”.

Ideal for handling any production volume, our fourslide stamping services can ensure the shortest possible lead times—no matter the complexity of your part. Many industries can benefit from fourslide stamping: aerospace & aviation, electronics, food processing, automotive, consumer products, power distribution, construction, pharmaceutical, and many others.

Plymouth Spring is compliant with ISO 9001:2008 and several notable industry standards. We are constantly refining our quality management standards through lean manufacturing practices; our quality assurance is unmatched throughout our industry.

Learn More about Fourslide Stamping

Fourslide stamping can provide exceptional results for many industrial applications. For more information about this process, please obtain a free copy of our Benefits of Fourslide vs. Power Press in Manufacturing eBook today.

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