Why Choose Fourslide Stamping

Fourslide stamping machines aren’t a new phenomenon. In fact, fourslide machines have existed for almost 80 years. Despite the long history of fourslide stamping the advantages of this manufacturing method aren’t as well-known as other processes. So, what is fourslide and why choose it over better-known processes like Power Press?

What is Fourslide Stamping?

Fourslide stamping is a production method that combines forming and stamping processes in one machine. In fourslide stamping a strip of metal is fed into the machine, fourslide block tools then stamp the metal in a predetermined order. The fourslide block tools use dies to bend, punch, and cut the metal strip.

The Advantages of Fourslide Stamping

The ability to perform multiple bends and secondary operations like hole punching and cutting in one machine is one of the greatest advantages over fourslide stamping. In integrating secondary machining processes into one machine, secondary machining jobs such as cutting, hole punching, and secondary or tertiary bends, can be formed seamlessly in a single step. Fourslide machines can eliminate as many as four separate secondary machining steps from the production of complex parts. This means that often the cost of a fourslide produced part is often significantly less than other processes.

Cost savings are magnified as the part being produced increases in complexity or volume. Fourslide machines can execute an impressive array of complex functions, including bends beyond 90 degrees, multiple bends, twists, threaded holes, and cylindrical forms. Fourslide machines are also uniquely suited to high-volume production runs. All of which drives down costs over longer production processes that require multiple machines or steps to create a single shape.

Fourslide Stamping in Action

Have you ever wondered what fourslide stamping looked like in action? In the video below you can see fourslide stamping forming a part in real-time.

Learn More About Fourslide Stamping

Fourslide stamping can provide exceptional results for many industrial applications. For more information about this process, you can download a free copy of our Benefits of Fourslide vs. Power Press in Manufacturing eBook today.

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