The Many Faces of Wire Forms

Wire forms are a versatile, common construction component. From the batteries inside our electronics to the closure mechanisms of shopping mall doors, wire forms come in all shapes and sizes. Wire form manufacturing produces finished parts for a diverse set of end uses. Wire forms can be manufactured into nearly any shape, in any size, and can […]

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Wire Form Design and Sampling

Often customers come to us with fully designed parts and all we have to do is find the most effective tooling and shaping processes. However, not all of our customers have their design 100% and that’s ok. We have a wealth of experience and expertise in wire form and fourslide manufacturing and we can help

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Fourslide Applications: Circuit Breakers and Fuse Box Components

Some of the most common four slide applications are components used in circuit breakers and fuse boxes. With a wide range in size and construction material, four slide is ideal for manufacturing these components because of their complex shape. Fuse Clips Fuse clips are a common four-slide application that can be found in industrial-sized circuit breakers. They

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Custom Spring Manufacturing

Custom precision spring manufacturing is often only one part in a much larger supply chain. However, finding the right manufacturer to create your custom springs can add value to the application as a whole.   Experience You Can Rely On Plymouth Spring has been manufacturing custom springs for over half a century. Over that time our

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