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View Examples of Plymouth Spring Custom Spring Manufacturing, Fourslide Stamping, Wire Forming, & Precision Pin Rolling Projects

Few companies have been as attentively consistent as Plymouth Spring Company, Inc. Projects of Bristol, Connecticut in meeting your custom spring manufacturing needs. Since our inception in 1959, we have consistently met our customers’ needs and specifications in applying fourslide stamping, wire forming, and precision pin rolling services to produce any number of top-quality products.

Our long history has given us a wide range of specific applications. From music wire door handle springs, fourslide stamping of steel terminal boxes, pin-rolling of stainless steel shafts, and stainless steel buckle springs, if you have an order that needs quick design, fabrication, and delivery, we can most certainly manage it. Other specialized items such as fourslide beryllium copper mounting brackets and stainless steel compression rings we can produce with all the requisite timeliness and precision your business requires.

For details about our custom spring manufacturing, fourslide stamping services, and more, please see below. If you want information about our other services please contact the Plymouth Spring Company, today.

Music Wire Handle Spring
Spring Manufacturing

Manufacturing of a Music Wire Door Handle Springs

A customer from the security industry approached Plymouth Spring Company, Inc. to manufacture a music wire door handle spring. We manufactured the different parts of the music wire ...
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Spring Manufacturing

Manufacturing of Stainless Steel Compression Springs

A lighting industry customer came to Plymouth Spring Company, Inc. because they needed 80,000 to 120,000 stainless steel compression springs manufactured each year. To fill this ...
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Four Slide Stamping of Mounting

Fourslide Stamping of Beryllium Copper Mounting Brackets

Plymouth Spring Company, Inc. was approached by a client to fill a yearly order of 20,000 to 40,000, fourslide stamped, beryllium copper mounting brackets. We began ...
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Oil Tempered Wire Form
Wire Forms Manufacturing

Manufacturing of Oil Tempered Wire Forms

A welding industry client approached Plymouth Spring Company, Inc. to manufacture an oil-tempered wire form. The wire form, which was to be used as a welding shield retainer ...
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stainless steel buckle spring
Spring Manufacturing

Manufacturing of Stainless Steel Buckle Springs

A customer from the military industry came to Plymouth Spring Company, Inc. to manufacture stainless steel buckle springs. To fill the yearly order of 2,400,000 million ...
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Precision Pin Rolling

Precision Pin Rolling of Stainless Steel Shafts

Plymouth Spring Company, Inc. was approached by a customer from the lawn care industry to pin roll 2 to 4 million stainless steel shafts per ...
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Fourslide stamping of terminal boxes

Fourslide Stamping of Steel Terminal Boxes

A client from the electrical industry approached Plymouth Spring Company, Inc. to fourslide stamp a steel terminal box. This unique process involves forming, bending, folding ...
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